Monday, June 13, 2011


Hi everyone,
We'll be meeting tonight at 7 at Caritas (2509 Harvard Ave)
The meeting is open to all who are interested, so feel free to bring friends!

here is a tentative agenda for the meeting. Feel free to add anything to the list. hope I didn't skip over anything.

Upcoming Events

1. discuss help with Adhoc Collective performance art project.
2. Potential exhibit geared at a sort of labor history of Memphis, a dialogue of it's ideological and concrete relevance to our city today. Potential of using images/ documents and audio from the labor archives at Uof M.
3. Talk about the potential of Guerrilla Theatre
4. 21st sanitation demonstration- maybe make 4X 6 signs on the stage me and natalie built.

1 Catch up with Manifesto.
2. Re state the structure of the group, as we will be working with more and more people (hopefully) and will need to have a clear understanding in the function and goals of the group.

Discuss groups/communities/individuals to build connections with
1. Discuss it.

Third Image
1. Further discuss the possibility of a Film sub-commitee of RAM
2. start discussing/planning future screenings/discussions.

Community Poetry Workshop
1. Should we, should we not? bring up ideas.

New Ideas
1. discuss and brainstorm any new/potential ideas. Would be good to start a collection of ideas virtually ready to go so one we are rolling we will have lots of options.



-PS- Bennett wants to know if anybody has or knows where to access a sheet of either fabric or paper that is 5X30 feet.

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