Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Donate to Support the Efforts of the Union Supporters

from the Memphis International Solidarity Committee blog last night: 
"Memphis International Solidarity Committee (“MISC”) members gathered with over one thousand Tennesseans in Nashville today in protest against an anti-labor bill similar to those in Wisconsin, Ohio, and other states. During a Senate Committee meeting, MISC members raised their voices in unity to draw attention to the bill, which would limit labor unions’ ability to collect dues and even strike. They chanted, “The people united will never be defeated.”

Five MISC members were arrested. Sally Joyner, Bennett Foster, Paul Garner, Jeffery Lichtenstein, Justin Sledge, and two others, Abbey Shoaf, and Ash-Lee Henderson were forcibly detained and arrested by Tennessee Capitol Police. They have been charged with resisting arrest as well as disorderly conduct. MISC recognizes that the fight for democracy and economic justice are one and the same. We stand in solidarity with those detained this evening and all those who struggle for justice everywhere."

Their bail, set at $2000 each, was covered by the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center. Please join union members, activists, and other Tennesseans by sharing in this cost.  Small and large donations are welcome.

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