Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Slavoj Zizek: what does it mean to be a revolutionary today

To me, the most important part of this for our purposes here at Radical Arts Memphis is the one regarding the revolutionizing of Marx's conception of the proletariat. He argues for the realization of the proletariat as not simply "the worker" but the revolutionary subject proper. Meaning, here in Late capitalism, we must realize the existential oppression, alienation, and deprivation of the majority of citizens (both in this nation and on a global scale) as proof that we are all always already the proletariat, "deprived of all substantial content". To become the revolutionary subject is not simply to be an oppressed worker, but to realize the latent potential for revolution within us and begin fighting against that which deprives us.We should make it our top priority, through education, social organization, and  cultural revolution, to achieve such a realization collectively and stand in solidarity with workers, students, and any persons involved in direct action against oppression worldwide. 


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